Huey Helicopter - Extreme Combat Mission

Pilot Charter Conditions


Flying in the Huey is one of the most popular adventure activities in Cape Town.
The New Huey Club is committed to the safety and enjoyment of its passengers and to minimizing the impact its flight paths may have on the environment and residential communities.
To conform to this objective all pilots will sign the following charter and strictly adhered to the contents.


All pilots must be aware that the Huey club has a responsibility not only to the people in the aircraft but also to the people on the ground.

* Whenever possible along the coastline pilots are requested to fly sea-ward abeam in order to minimize the noise impact on coastline residents.
* During descents pilots are requested to minimize blade slap whenever possible.
* Low flying over the sea or anywhere over land is strictly forbidden other than in the designated low flying zone. (Delta 200)

Minimum Altitudes

The Hopper Flight:
This 12 minute scenic flight routes from Helibase down the Atlantic Seaboard to Oudekraal Hotel and back will not be flown at a height below 2000 feet ASL.

The Two Oceans flight:
This 30 minute scenic flight routes from Helibase down the Atlantic Seaboard past Hout Bay, past Chapman's Peak cutting across the Peninsula to Fishhoek then Muizenberg, Kenilworth, Hospital Bend then approach to Helibase.

1. Minimum altitude for route – 2000 feet AGL;
2. Note FAR 39 – GND/1500 GND (Simon's Town Naval Base).

Full Peninsula Flight:
Same flight as the Two Oceans except that you will continue down the Atlantic Sea Board to Cape Point then returning via the False Bay side.

1. Minimum altitude for route – 2000 feet AGL;
2. Remain off-shore within auto-rotative distance from safe landing area;
3. Note FAR 144 GND/2000 GND (Cape Peninsula National Park)
4. Note FAR 39 GND/1500 GND.

West Coast – Combat Mission:
This 30 minute part scenic / combat flight routes from Helibase up the West Coast until Big Bay which is your turning point for the Delta 200 (FAD 200) general flight area.
Special attention must be given to the following area's:

1. Minimum altitude for routing to the Delta 200 (FAD 200 GND/2000 ALT) will be a minimum of 750 feet ASL;
2. Note FAYP air-space;
3. Remain sea-ward abeam the beaches at all times;
4. Take care as not to over-fly kite surfers;
5. Note FAR 36 GND/2000 GND;
6. When turning in-land for the Delta 200, do not over-fly crowded beach areas;
7. Start your decent for the Delta 200 once you have crossed the R27 road;
8. The same rules apply for your return to Helibase.

The above restrictions and height restrictions will be adhered to at all times except:

1. For the purpose of taking off and landing.
2. For casualty evacuation – Mercy flights.
3. For specific tasks such as observation, photography and survey work.
4. When the safety of the aircraft and its occupants could in any way be jeopardized by the requirement to comply with this instruction.

Each pilot has to read through and sign this code of conduct and thereby agree to comply with all altitude restrictions as set out herein.