Huey Helicopter - Extreme Combat Mission

Combat Mission (30 min)

The ultimate adrenalin Cape Town Huey Helicopter flight over the Wild West Coast.Experince the thrill of low level flying and sharp manoeuvering as we simulate a flight through a combat zone,with speakers playing the famous Combat Music.The flight is flown with doors in an open position to deliver the most unforgettable and exhilirating Helicopter experience in Cape Town you`ve ever had.

  • West Coast
  • Cape Town City Bowl
  • V&A Waterfront Fly-over
  • Stunning West Coast Views
  • Low Flying
  • Sharp Climbing
  • Hard Banking
  • Simulated Combat Flight

Tickets are sold on an individual seat basis and there are guaranteed set departures daily. The Huey Helicopter can comfortably seat up to 9 passengers and the open doors guarantee fantastic panoramic views and thrilling experiences.The Huey UH-1H has 8 door seats and 4 inside seats , allowing everyone the most unforgettable experience.The Combat Flight has proven to be the most popular flight on the Huey.

What to bring?

  • Jumper / Fleece (at altitude the air can get cool)
  • The Huey Club offers a range of Flight Suits,Combat Jackets and Military-style Poncho`s for in-flight use or photographic purposes.
  • Camera (make sure it is attached to you with a strap)

Is it safe?

  • Thorough daily inspections are conducted by our team of engineers to ensure absolute safety and peace of mind.
  • We only recruit the most experienced pilots to fly our Huey Helicopter Combat Mission.


  • We are committed to do all we can to minimize the impact on Cape Town residents and the environment.
  • All our pilots are required to sign a pilot charter committing them to airmanship and flight levels specifically designed to reduce the impact on the city's residents and the marine environment.

Cape Town based Adrenalin Huey Combat Flights with a Vietnam-Era Huey Helicopter on a daily basis.